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Poster: Recko Date: Dec 19, 2004 6:31am
Forum: speed_runs Subject: Speed Run Recording

Hi everyone.
I have to say myself, Im a fan of and basically, I myself sometimes record my own gaming videos using basic VCR Record while playing. but I was wondering, for such good image quality from the console braught into a computer and stored, how? I saw once something about video recording from this tape box connected to a computer but a normal video tape only has 2 hours at SP (Speed of the recording). Unless using a dvd record which just came out, some speed runs are pretty old on decent systems like the n64. I'm just wondering how you guys do it.

Much thanks,


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Poster: Radix37 Date: Dec 19, 2004 5:19pm
Forum: speed_runs Subject: Re: Speed Run Recording

Im a fan of

There's no S...

Most of the console runs were indeed recorded onto a video tape. SP speed is the best, but there's a few that the creator forgot to set the speed and the quality suffers a bit. Of course any run done on a computer, such as PC games and emulator runs don't have this problem. For a good detailed guide about quality in console runs, see Nate's FAQ about it.

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Poster: Recko Date: Dec 20, 2004 5:29am
Forum: speed_runs Subject: Re: Speed Run Recording

Eh, My bad about the s.
So that's ;).
Thx lots for Nate's Post on Metroid 2002.
So I take most speed runs uploaded in the archives is computer captured?